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January 23rd 

NEA Big Read Roswell Kickoff Event

January 24th & 25th 

Guest Speaker Denise Chavez and Writing Workshop

THE BIG READ – January 24th at 6:00PM



A presentation by Denise Chavez

How does one become a writer? To be a writer is to love words. To be a reader. A listener. Someone who wants to understand the world and oneself.

When I was ten years old, I wrote in a little notebook: My Secret Ambition is to Be A Writer.

One of my treasure possessions is a Thesaurus that my Mother gave me when I was about ten or so. I still have it.

I began being read to by my father and mother. And then I began to read on my own and I drew pictures and they told stories. My mother saved all the drawings and I still have them.

 I began to copy things I liked, and I had diaries. Then I had notebooks and then I had Journals. I still have them all.

 I grew up in a large family who lived in the same neighborhood. An uncle the next street over, my aunt and her huge family at the end of the block, my father’s cousin down the street.

 My parents divorced when I was ten. Everything happened when I was around ten. That is when I became a writer.

 –In this talk about creativity, Denise Chávez will talk about her life on the U.S./Mexico border and how living in the Borderlands, navigating life, culture, language, food, family, and her own development as
an artist flourished. She will begin with her formative years and move to her present work as a bookseller, novelist, and Director of Libros Para El Viaje, the ongoing Refugee Book Drive that continues to this day.

 Since the summer of 2019, through her bookstore, Casa Camino Real, she has directed the distribution of thousands of books to Refugee, Migrant and Asylum-seeking families on the U.S./México border near Las Cruces,
including shelters in Juárez, Anapra (a suburb of Juárez), Palomas as well as in Las Cruces and El Paso, Texas.

 Chavez will give short readings from her books, The Last of the Menu Girls, and A Taco Testimony: Meditations on Family, Food and Culture.

 The presentation will take around thirty minutes with a Q and A following.

THE BIG READ – January 25th at 6:00PM


A Writing Workshop with Denise Chavez

“Where are we really going? Always home.” Novali

The last year has been different for everyone. We have all had to adjust to our new lives, working from home, studying from home, being at home more than before. Let us think about what home means.

What does home mean to you? Where is Home? When do we feel at home? What is your favorite thing about home? Is it being with family? Is it your culture? Your traditions? Your language? Your food?

Sometimes our home is not home, it is being outdoors, or at your grandmother’s house where you love the smell of the kitchen, or it is being with your best friend and laughing because you feel safe and loved.

My book, A Taco Testimony: Meditations on Family, Food and Culture is about home, my home, and growing up with Tacos? Yes, Tacos! Tacos are my Home.

Join author Denise Chávez as we celebrate who we are, where we come from and what we love!

We will have time for sharing and questions.

February 13th 

Triple the Love – TO GO! 

Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art

Bone Springs Art Space

Miniatures and Curious Collections Museum

Tiny Book Take-Out

The Miniatures and Curious Collections Museum

320 N. Richardson

We will have miniature book ‘kits’, an idea/how-to page, pre-made mini books and examples, as well as extra paper and supplies for people of all ages to pick up and enjoy at home. “Tiny Book Take-Out” is part of the “Triple the Love To Go” Valentines Event co-produced with the Anderson Museum and Bone Springs Art Space.

February 21st 

Sunday Funday with Dolores Fresquez

Big Read Roswell 2021 – Free Event!

February 25th 

Book Discussion in Spanish with Ricardo Valenzuela

March 4th 

Writing Workshop for Middle and High School Students with Amy Everitt

March 5th

5pm – 8 pm

Main Street Roswell’s First Friday

March 7th 

Sunday Funday with Jose Chavez

March 13th

Keynote Speaker Luis Alberto Urrea

March 20th

Art Give-Away

Mexican-American artist Paul Valadez’s “MY POTLATCH PROJECT” is a conceptual/performance event in which he will sign and give away his artwork for two hours at the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art. Mr. Valadez is an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (formerly the University of Texas-Pan American) on the U.S. / Mexico border.